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Mobile application InfinBANK

Download your Mobile Bank!

Mobile application «InfinBANK» is a universal solution that is suitable for the client, the holder of a bank plastic card of any bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Using our application, you can transfer money from card to card just for 0.5% of the transfer amount, and between cards of the InfinBANK Bank for 0.3%! In addition, more than 200 service providers are available to the user of the application for payment at any time of the day!

There are available even more convenient options for holders of plastic cards of JSCB “InfinBANK”, such as:

  • Two new deposits “Save Online” and “Multiply Online” at 21% per annum!
  • Partial withdrawal from deposit1around the clock2
  • Online loan processing
  • Repayment of JSCB “InfinBANK’s” loans without any additional fees!
  • Payment monitoring on any cards– free!
  • Conversion operations, both from UzCard on VISA, and from VISA to UzCard - around the clock2 and without commission!

Download our application “InfinBANK” by clicking on our link http://onelink.to/xfq6ha or use the QR code.



1. For a partial debit from a deposit, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms of your deposit in the InfinBANK mobile app.

2. During the closing day of a banking day, deposits, foreign exchange transactions and loan repayment may be temporarily unavailable;

You can familiarize yourself with the Public Offer for the provision of services in the InfinBANK mobile application here.


CB rate 9516.37 10542.23 12373.18 86.96 152.94 1358.26
Buy 9520,00 10085,00 11930,00 85,00 - - 9690,00
Sell 9570,00 10640,00 12495,00 89,00 - - 9845,00
UzRCE rates 9525.00 10607.00 - - - - -