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For corporate clients

For corporate clients

For corporate clients

Success in business is an ability to keep the achieved height. «InFinBank» supports your desire to succeed and therefore not only provides a full range of services necessary for the successful development of your business, but also offers professional advice and a high level of financial services.
JSCB «InFinBank» provides a full range of services in the following areas:

  • the "Anor" payment system allows real-time interbank money transfers between legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, it is available 24/7 (without any kind of breaks on weekends and holidays);
  • credit products — various programs of corporate lending (loans for working capital, equipment, vehicles, etc.), which allow you to sel ect the optimal form for clients’ business, and lending parameters;
  • deposit products — the opening of deposit accounts that will generate additional income for temporarily free funds;
  • management of current accounts — a product or group of products of the bank, which are aimed at optimizing the processes of cash management in companies and legal entities, including account and cash services;
  • «Internet-banking» system — program complex, which allows access to accounts and transactions (on them) at any time and fr om any computer with Internet access;
  • «SMS-Informer» system — automated information system of the Bank, which inform the Customer of the bank via SMS and provide information about changes in the status of accounts, conditions of service, on the collection of new documents, etc.;
  • «Mobile-banking» service — a hardware and software system that allows bank clients — legal entities and private entrepreneurs tomanage their bank accounts, make payments, generate statements for their bank accounts, but also to learn the news, to determine thedisposition of branches, mini-banks and centers of retail services of the Bank via mobile phone around the clock from any location wh ere there is access to a cellular network;
  • card products — corporate credit cards that allow you to pay for services and goods purchased from by cardholder on behalf and for the account of the organization, as well as payroll cards, through which employees get their wages, compensation, bonuses, etc., with saving time and money of the company and employees;
  • investments — financing of projects, attracting financial and strategic investors or financing for the discovery and development of new businesses;
  • factoring — includes implementation of the operation, according to which the bank transfers the funds at the disposal of the client for a fee, and the client gives the bank the right to demand their cash fr om a third party (the debtor) for delivered goods or services with deferred payment. It is a tool of effective receivables management for companies that are engaged in the sale of goods with deferred payment, as well as factoring supplies of goods and services;
  • International trade finance transactions (export and import letters of credit) — offered to customers in order to minimize the risks associated with foreign economic activity;
  • collection — collection of cash and valuables of the client, their preservation and delivery;

and it’s all is carried out on an individual approach.

If you are interested in services of JSCB «InFinBank», and if you want to open a corporate bank account, we are ready to provide «first hand» information about the Bank, answer your questions, give explanations on the Bank, and we both could get another reliable partner in the financial market.

You can ask questions by phone +998 71 140-50-60, as well as online at www.infinbank.com or email to info@infinbank.com.

Together with us, using your «material» (fixed assets, production facilities, financial resources) and with our «tools» (capital and expertise), you can build a strong competitive business.

We are ready to develop for you an Individual Service Program.