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InfinBANK Mobile Application

InfinBANK Mobile Application

InfinBANK Mobile Application

Download your mobile banking app!

InfinBANK mobile application is the universal solution suitable for a client, a plastic card holder of any bank located in the Uzbekistan.

By using this application, you can transfer money from card to card for only for 0.5% of the transfer amount, and between InfinBANK cards for 0.3%! In addition, over 200 service providers are available for the app users to pay 24 hours a day!

Also, for holders of InfinBANK plastic cards, in the application even more convenient options are available, such as:

  • Instant Cashback up to 2%, which goes to a special wallet in the form of real money!
  • New deposits in national currency: Infin Avans and Infin Josiba. Interest rate: basic rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan + 3%
  • Loans repayment of JSCB “InfinBANK” without any additional commission!
  • Conversion operations both from UzCard to VISA, and from VISA to UzCard – 24 hours!
  • Getting an online loan
  • Money transfers through Unistream and Contact systems
  • Payment for mobile communications, home Internet, utilities, digital TV and games, etc.
  • Yandex.Money service wallet identification
  • The feature to choose the most convenient payment method, for example, by QR code or by details
Download InfinBANK mobile application by clicking on the following link http://onelink.to/xfq6ha or use the QR code


  1. Upon the close of a banking day, deposits, conversion operations and loan repayments may not be available;
  2. For partial withdrawal from a deposit, please check conditions of your deposit in the InfinBANK mobile application.


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