In foreign currency

In foreign currency

In foreign currency

JSCB «InFinBank» provides a full range of payment and cash services in foreign currency.

JSCB «InFinBank» provides a full range of payment and cash services in foreign currency. Payments are made quickly and efficiently, comfortably for the interest and wishes of the customers. The use of modern technologies and high professionalism of the Bank conform to international standards of banking business and deliver the best payment and cash management services.

JSCB «InFinBank» provides an individual approach to each client, provides a high level of service and rapid transfer of payments with a minimum amount of time.

JSCB «InfinBank» offers its clients — legal entities a wide range of services for accounts in foreign currency.

  • Transfer of foreign currency;
  • Cash operations;
  • The registration and deregistration of export-import contracts;
  • The registration and deregistration of additional agreements to the export-import contracts;
  • Conversion (buy / sell) of foreign exchange;
  • SWAP operations;
  • SPOT transactions;
  • Documentary letters of credit;
  • Bank guarantees.

Opening and managing accounts

JSCB «InFinBank» provided all the details to make the procedure of opening an account convenient and easy for you. For customer convenience, the Bank’s specialists to fill in all the necessary documents for opening an account, and make copies of the documents.

Service of export and import contracts of clients:

  • The contract must be entered by the client to the Unified electronic information system of foreign trade operations (UEISFTO);
  • The copy of the contract for the stamp and signatures of the parties and also the copy of the supplementary agreements to the contract;
  • The certificate of registration of the contract with the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade (MFERIT) (if necessary, according to the current legislation).

Documents required for the conversion of funds in national currency to freely convertible currency (FCC):

  • The application for conversion by the pattern approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in triplicate;
  • The copy of the contract with the foreign partner (who is on the monitoring in the Bank);
  • Depending on the purpose of buying currency, customers will also give the documents confirming the validity of the application to the Bank.

At the repatriation of profits, dividends and other income of foreign investors, it is necessary to submit the bank additionally:

  • Document on the distribution of profits (the general meeting of shareholders) and the payment of dividends;
  • A copy of the audit firm or the tax authority;
  • Calculation tools for conversion;
  • Calculation of income tax on dividends, certified by the tax authority with proof of payment of this tax.

When servicing of foreign currency loans, including leasing agreements, it is necessary to submit the authorized bank additionally:

  • The schedule of repayment of principal and interest payments (indicating the intended and actual dates of committing bank transfers);
  • For contracts received or guaranteed by the Government, — a copy of an intergovernmental agreement, the decision of Cabinet of Ministers or a guarantee issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • In non-guaranteed contract — confirmation of the registration of the credit agreement in The Central Bank.

Prerequisites for international payments:

  • Have a bank account;
  • A payment document (payment order, application for currency transfer);
  • In the implementation of foreign exchange payments and payments between residents and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan it is necessary to submit the documents according to the requirements of the currency legislation of the Republic ofUzbekistan;
  • Provide the commission for international transfer according to the tariffs of the Bank.

To open a Letter of credit it is necessary:

  • To have in foreign currency account funds or credit limit covering the principal amount of the credit, and additional funds in sum to cover the fees according to the established tariffs;
  • Submit to the bank an application form for opening the Letter of credit;
  • The presence of import contract, registered in the bank.

To open a current account in a foreign currency, legal entity must submit the following documents (provided if the founders are residents):

  • Certificate of state registration (original);
  • Charter (copy);
  • Memorandum of association (copy);
  • Licenses (if any);
  • Passport of authorized persons — the original (director and chief accountant);
  • Signature card (issued in the Bank);
  • Questionnaires.

To open a current account in a foreign currency, legal entity must submit the following documents (provided if the founders are non-residents):

  • Certificate of state registration (original);
  • Charter (notarized copy);
  • Memorandum of association (notarized copy);
  • Licenses (if any);
  • Passport of authorized persons — the original (director and chief accountant);
  • signature card (issued in the Bank);
  • Questionnaires.


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