Reduced mortgage rates

Reduced mortgage rates

Reduced mortgage rates

The temperature outside is rising, and mortgages at InfinBANK are plummeting. As part of the campaign, the interest rate on mortgages was reduced by 23.99%. This is 2% lower than the market average offers.

Why can't you pass by the action from InfinBANK? Because everything together: the rate, the loan amount and the mortgage term are unique!

Apartment* or plot for up to 1,950,000,000 soums for 15 years at a rate of 23.99% per annum: forget that a mortgage is expensive. InfinBANK breaks stereotypes.

And the icing on the cake: a grace period of up to 12 months for new homes purchased on the primary market as part of the promotion.

The promotion is valid until 03/20/2023

*only for an apartment with a cadastre.

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