Humo plastic cards

Humo plastic cards

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Humo plastic cards

Contactless payment is more relevant than ever, popular, convenient, but most importantly - safe!

You do not touch cash again, and you keep your hands relatively clean.

6 points with which to use HUMO cards are even easier:

  • open and replenish deposits from HUMO cards;
  • repay loans with HUMO;
  • convert from HUMO to Visa Card;
  • recharge cards from an electronic wallet;
  • add HUMO cards of any banks;
  • transfer funds between them.

Great news for all HUMO cardholders!

HUMO cards of any bank can be managed in the InfinBANK application.


How to use a screen reader

Firstly, enable a screen reader mode. Then highlight necessary text and click on the emerging icon.
* The screen reader isn't compatible with Windows Vista and other older versions of Windows.