The InfinBlack credit card

With an interest-free period that repeats every month

50 days wih no interest

Renewable interest-free period for any purchases* on the card

Up to 50 mln UZS

Revolving credit limit

5 years

Term of credit limit availability

A credit card that allows you to pay for purchases at the bankʼs expense

The interest-free period is the time when you donʼt have to pay interest and can use the credit for free. Both the interest-free period and the loan amount on the InfinBLACK card are renewable. If you pay back the minimum payment of the money spent, you can borrow again**.

The interest-free period option begins after the first spending from the card and resumes when the debt is fully repaid. The maximum interest-free period on the InfinBLACK card is 50 days.

How to get an InfinBLACK card


Apply for a card online

Fill out an application in the mobile app – you don't need to visit the bank


Wait for a response.

Get a response within 24 hours on a weekday


Get a card

Through a delivery service or pick up the card at the nearest branch

* Payment for goods and services in physical and virtual outlets, does not apply to payment by transfer
from card to card
 ** except for the last 10 months of credit validity

InfinBANK mobile app

Get a loan without leaving home, open and manage deposits, transfer money, pay for services


How to use a screen reader

Firstly, enable a screen reader mode. Then highlight necessary text and click on the emerging icon.
* The screen reader isn't compatible with Windows Vista and other older versions of Windows.