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JSCB «InFinBank» carries out credit operations on a contractual basis with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to finance their business activities.

Loans are divided into:

  • loans for fixed capital formation, which is usually allocated for a period of 5 years;
  • and working capital, which are allocated for up to 1,5 year.

JSCB «InFinBank» uses the following major credit instruments:

Loan without credit line

The loan is provided at once. In this form the total amount of credit to customers in the period of the loan does not exceed the maximum size (limit issuance), which determined in the relevant credit agreement. Repayment is made in accordance with the established repayment schedule.

The loan with open credit line

The loan provides a phased disbursement of loan and its repayment in accordance with the established schedule without renewal of the loan during the loan period.

Revolving credit line

Revolving credit line is a form of lending in which the size of customer’s loan debt does not exceed the maximum size (debt limit) defined in the loan agreement in the period of the loan agreement. During the period of the loan agreement, the client has the right to repeated partial or complete repayment of the loan and repeat picking of funds. And the limitation here is the period of loan, credit line, the purpose of the loan.

 Foreign credit line

The loan product is provided for enterprises that are interested in updating the equipment. The credit line of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is aimed at urgent modernization of obsolete equipment and reduction of costs in the use of energy resources. The interest rate of this loan is 6% per annum.

Only industrial enterprises which are located in subsection № 1033 of the General Classifier of Economic Activities have the right to participate in the implementation of the project.

Terms of the loan:

  • Credit term:

    • up to 1,5 year — for working capital;
    • up to 5 years — for the formation of fixed capital;

  • The loan amount — determined according to the needs of the financed activities;
  • Interest rate — by 14–22%;
  • Collateral — 125% of the loan sum. Supplied as a security: property and securities pledge, guarantee of a commercial bank or an insurance company, a third party warranty, insurance policy for the insured's risk of non-repayment of a loan by a borrower in favor of a commercial bank. It is also possible to secure a loan through the guarantee of the State Fund for Support of Business Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



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