Loan term

With an initial payment of 26% to 50%, the loan term is 120 months. If the amount of the down payment is equal to or more than 51%, the term is 180 months.

Loan purpose

The acquisition of an individual residential building or apartment in a residential multi-apartment building.

Annual interest rate

24,99% - 25,99% per annum*

Loan amount

Up to 6500 BCV (BCV – Base calculated value)

(75% of the amount of the contract of sale of real estate)


A pledge (mortgage) of the purchased housing is drawn up for an amount of at least 125% of the amount of the loan

The total amount of collateral must be at least 125% of the loan amount

Repayment rate

The main debt - monthly.

Accrued interest - monthly.

The interest on the loan starts from the date of use of credit funds.

Down payment (by the borrower)

from 26% of the amount of the real estate purchase and sale agreement

Requirements for a Potential Borrower

• Age from 18 years;

• Citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan; A stateless person and a foreign citizen permanently residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• Have a working experience at the current place of work for at least 6 months prior to the date of application for a loan;

• Have a positive credit history (absence of overdue debts on current loans - if any, as well as a lack of history on late fulfillment of obligations to the bank / banks).

Required documents

1. Application for a loan.

2. The availability of a wage plastic card and revolutions on it for a period of at least 3 months. In this case, the turnover should be sufficient to cover the costs of all existing loans (including the newly received loan);

3. The original passport or other document confirming the identity and place of residence of the Borrower, from which a copy is made by the Credit Officer;

4. The contract for the acquisition of real estate.

5. A set of cadastral documents.

6. Independent valuation of real estate.

7. Documents on security.

Upon receipt of a mortgage loan, the Borrower must pay the following costs


1. State duty for notarization of a mortgage agreement;

2. The costs associated with insurance of mortgaged real estate (mortgages). The basis for insurance is the amount of the collateral value of the property;

3. Payment for the assessment of collateral.

Loan Form

A mortgage loan is provided in national currency (sum) in non-cash form by transferring credit funds to the seller’s account

Place of loan application

Loan application and loan processing is carried out in branches and offices of the bank

Deadline for loan consideration

The loan application processing period is 3 days from the date of application processing. The decision on the loan application is communicated to the client within 24 hours.

Additional payments for consideration and processing of a loan

Are absent 


It provides for early repayment of this type of loan without additional fees and penalties

Possible factors for making a negative decision regarding the provision of a loan

1. Negative credit history (not timely repayment of principal and interest on loans, the presence of current overdue loans);

2. Unstable income of the potential borrower or their absence (lack of constant income at the current place of employment for at least 6 months prior to the date of application for a loan);

3. Not correct, not reliable information, not complete provided by the potential borrower.

4. Lack of collateral for the loan.

Possible factors for making a positive decision regarding the provision of a loan

1. Positive credit history (timely repayment of loans and interest, lack of current overdue loans).

2. Stable income of the potential borrower (at the current place of work for a period of at least 6 months prior to the date of application for a loan)

3. Satisfactory financial position of the potential borrower

4. The availability of collateral in the quantity and volume necessary to cover the loan (at least 125% of the loan amount).

In case of violation of the terms for repayment of the main debt on the loan, the interest rate on the amount of overdue debt increases 1.5 times from the date of formation of overdue debt.

* from 01/01/2023 year

Attention! The interest loan amount is calculated on the basis of nominal interest rate. And the full loan value shows how much the loan will cost you in case of payment of interest sums and other types of payments in the established terms and in the established size.

with the procedure for calculating the total cost of a loan may be read out in the “loans” section

Attention! The rated interest rate of this loan may be changed. This change will be agreed with the borrower!

Calculate the full value of the loan

500 000

16 000 000

Additional expenses

Type of loan
Amount of credit
Credit term
Annual interest rate
Expenses for registration of collateral, insurance and other when applying for a loan
Approximate date of obtaining a loan
Full cost of the loan

Month The remainder of the principal debt, sum Amount of repayment of the principal debt,sum Amount of interest, sum Total payment, sum

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